Adoptive parenting: 7 of my favourite blog posts

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adoptive parenting

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There are many posts about adoptive parenting, but these are seven of my favourite. From a range of the best bloggers writing about adoption, I have picked out these posts as examples of how adoptive parents feel during tough times, and how they deal with the challenges set before them.

There are a great many adoption bloggers divulging a plethora of experience, so if you are new to adoption, I would urge you to check them out. Start with my blog roll, on the right hand panel.


Trolley loads of anxiety in Lidl – Sally Donovan

This is a great post, written with Sally’s usual panache and wit. She describes what should perhaps be a mundane trip to the supermarket in fabulous detail. It is a scenario that when you read it, you can instantly transport to the situation, and feel the heavy burden that Sally is experiencing.
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Elephants – the boy’s behaviour

This post is about the difficulty of addressing issues that are often hard to broach. It is a wonderful metaphor for how adoptive parents view specific family concerns.
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The Brave adventurer – The Puffin Dairies

I love this post. It is a terrific example of how adoptive parenting can be so hard to get right. Sarah’s honesty and humility show that all parents have strengths and weaknesses. We would do well to follow her lead in helping steering our own children through their lives.
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Bedtime Blues – Life with Katie

This is a great post showing the strain that adoptive parenting can put on individuals. It is not easy when one parent is potentially a ‘favourite’ but as this post demonstrates, this anxiety led preference can be addressed with the right kind of parenting.
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“You’re not going anywhere are you?” – Maryam Lane

This is a wonderful post describing in fine detail the insecurities of adoptive children, and the challenges that face adoptive parents every day.
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Loss – The family of 5

This is another post, very simply explaining the anxiety an adoptive child feels relating to that of loss or separation.
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Attachment Disorder and Self-Esteem – Adoptive Mummy

This could well have been plucked out of an adoptive text book, but the raw emotion described, reminds me that it is real, and is someone’s life. It is a great post for anyone wanting to gain an understanding of how attachment disorder can manifest itself.
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Do you have a favourite post about adoptive parenting? Let me know what it is – please leave a comment below

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