Christmas for potential adopters

December 18, 2013 6 Comments
xmas 3 Christmas for potential adopters

A big Christmas tree… and still watching TV!

Christmas is generally a joyous time for most people who celebrate it. However, for those who dream of parenthood, but have yet to be gifted with it, Christmas can be painfully quiet.

A couple of years ago, we celebrated Christmas, and felt a stinging pang of absence from a child we had yet to meet.

Of course Christmas was good fun, and relaxing, but we were growing increasingly frustrated that our Christmas tradition of putting the tree up on the first Saturday of December was being done without the joyful chattering of a littl’un.

This year would mark our first Christmas as a family, and finally our tradition was fulfilled with our son on my shoulders placing our camp little fluffy star on the summit of our bedraggled tree. Sure the tree task took twice as long, and the boy spat his mince pie on the carpet, but it was still perfect.

We could not have asked for anything better, and as my wife and I took a step back to see our son examining his handy work, we both felt the gap in our previous Christmas experiences fill up; filled with the love we had for our son.

A message to potential adopters

xmas 13 2 Christmas for potential adoptersIf you are like us before, and going through yet another childless Christmas, and all seems a little too quiet, then please heed my message:

I know how that feels, and it can’t be fixed yet… But it can be fixed.

Keep holding dear the hope that you will share your Christmas with your child, and it will happen.

You can’t ignore the gap in your heart, but you can enjoy Christmas for what it is, and remember… At some point, you too, will be mopping up masticated mince pie from your newly hovered cream carpet.

Merry Christmas.

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About the Author:

Andrew is an adoptive father, and stay at home dad. Having adopted his son in January 2013, he is a new adoptive parent, but well versed in the adoption process. He is a married, coffee drinker, Xbox addict, and a Marketing graduate. Andrew McDougall is an alias he uses to protect the identity of his adopted son.

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  1. OneHandMan,

    The pain of a childless Christmas is a deep as the oceans that separate us. Your post is respectful and encouraging and I will share it with my friends who are waiting to become parents.

    Merry Christmas from my family to yours, from America to the UK!


  2. Ness says:

    Thank you, I needed that!

  3. Anna says:

    I’m loving your blog, this will be my last Christmas, just mean approved and am now awaiting matching. Thank you for your insight

  4. Anna says:

    *been not mean!

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