15 awesome gift ideas for the stay at home dad

May 31, 2013 2 Comments

With father’s day just around the corner, the stay at home dad will quickly come into sharp focus. As I mentioned in my secrets of stay at home dads post, we are a new breed, and the community needs to be educated on how we operate, and what we do.

This list brings together some immensely practical, and several fun items that will help stay at home dad’s realise their potential.

Have a look and see what you think.

Digital Camcorder

Panasonic HX-DC2EB-H Full HD MP4 Vertical Camcorder – £119.00

Documenting the days activities is not just for posterity. Last year’s Christmas present is also a vessel for my wife to keep in touch with our boy’s development.

It is great to have so I can capture the day’s shenanigans, and my wife, whilst still sad she has not been able to join us, can see a lot of what the wee man has done during the day.

Video car baby monitor

Storage Options 53395 BabyCam Car Wireless In-Car Digital Video Baby Monitor – £107.99

This is a brilliant idea, if not a little over-indulgent. Instead of the bog standard mirror, this is a video and screen of your baby in the back of your car. It is not for everyone, but those of you with a 300 foot stretch limo couldn’t be without it.

Walkie Talkies

Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Walkie Talkie – £16.80

These serve two purposes. Firstly a bit of fun and games with your ankle-biter (what kid doesn’t like walkie talkies?) Secondly, if your wife often works from home, you can give her one walkie talkie, and buzz in when you have made supper. Genius.

Baby Wetsuit


Trunks don’t do it anymore. My post about swimming for the first time tells you about a deep desire in my son to be a surfer. My son will be cool, therefore, this is a gift for me. Trunks are out, wetsuit is in.

Picture Frame

4 x 6 inch Plastic 3 Picture Photo Frame – £6.99

I have included this so the stay at home dad can stick some quality photos of his child in. Every once in a while you can look at it to remind yourself what the child can be like. Not the noisy monstrosity, with a blood curdling scream he seems to be at the moment.

Daddy Day Care

Daddy Day Care [DVD] [2003] – £4.75

This is simply to remind you that things could be a lot worse, so take stock, and enjoy.

Bath Basketball Hoop

Munchkin Bath Dunkers – £8.49

No stay at home dad should bath his child without some kind of bath toy. With this basketball set, ducks are a thing of the past. Both father and son can enjoy a long game of ‘ball and net’ until the wee hours… So to speak. Genuinely, we love this game, and so does the boy.

Combat trousers

Adults Camo Combat Trousers – £14.99

Let’s face it, being a stay at home dad is…shall we say, a contact sport; especially if you have boys. I am forever the recipient of spit, drool, a flying toy car, the occasional child slap, and sometimes a trademark ‘beanbag splash’. This is not for the feint hearted, and my joggers or jeans no longer cut the mustard. Combats are the way forward.


Posseik 917 75 Wall Shelves White – £23.36

Again, the reasoning is twofold. One – It is manly to put a shelf up; DIY, drilling and all that. Two – You will need a place to put all the valuables; somewhere out of reach of ‘busy hands.’

Screwdriver Set

Rolson 28289 15 Piece Screwdriver Set – £5.99

You need the tools to put the shelves up. Also, it may come in handy when fixing all the baby proof gear.

Baby Crash Helmet

Thudguard Safety Helmet – Lilac – £21.95

Please refer to combat trousers above. The kid needs to be protected as well, and if they are anything like my boy, look for padded room equipment, and flame retardant clothing.

Coffee Machine

Bosch TAS2002GB Tassimo T20 Hot Beverage Machine – £75.70

Making a cuppa with a toddler hanging from your arm poses certain logistical problems. A coffee machine may just make the process simpler for you, and certainly quicker.


Panasonic NN-E281MMBPQ 20 Litre Compact Microwave – £62.79

I like to think of myself as a poor man’s Jamie Oliver, but like many stay at home dads, sometimes I have to make do with a speedier system – bread in toaster, beans in microwave.


Kindle, 6″ E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, Black – £69.00

Optimising speed of information is the main reason for this idea. Cookery books and parenting books can be bought and downloaded in a matter of seconds, I see it as an essential stay at home dad tool.


Dalwhinnie 15 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl Bottle – £34.05

Last, but not least, a bottle of Scotland’s finest single malt. When the kids have got the better of you, your shelf is falling down, the DVD player is choking on jam sandwiches, and the decibel level has reached Guinness book standards – a wee dram is the only option. It won’t help, but it might numb the pain.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below, I really love reading the feedback.

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Andrew is an adoptive father, and stay at home dad. Having adopted his son in January 2013, he is a new adoptive parent, but well versed in the adoption process. He is a married, coffee drinker, Xbox addict, and a Marketing graduate. Andrew McDougall is an alias he uses to protect the identity of his adopted son.

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